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Diplomat from Hagrid stand-alone or built on & powered by your service management platform

Organisations are struggling to keep pace with the  rapid delivery of always-on services, as a result we are seeing an increase in the adoption of fragmented technology silos as well as disconnected teams and disjointed practices.

This  is negatively impacting faster time-to-value ,the  deliver exceptional service experiences and the ability to respond promptly to requests and issues. Organisations need a balance of autonomy  that empowers and provides agility yet with alignment  to corporate strategy & governance.

Diplomat unlocks the value of high-velocity teams by accelerating the connected flow of work between fragmented tools and disparate groups. In doing so Diplomat enables new connected ways of working better together to deliver proven faster time-to-value , accelerated ways to respond to demand, requests and issues while also delivering exceptional service experiences at scale.

Unlike other options, Diplomat is built on, powered by and optimised by the Service Management platform that you’re already comfortable with and utilising. This combination provides our customers with an intuitive, powerful, secure and ready to go extensible solution.

Diplomat from Hagrid makes it possible to accelerate the flow of work and deliver better and faster services:

Connect Tech Silos

Remove silos that are negatively impacting good communications and causing bottlenecks, while placing unfair strain and pressure on people which leads costly errors.

Connect Tech Silos

Connect Teams

Unleash practices, workflows and work structures that are curtailing the critical enablement of high performing teams to deliver great service, while improving the way you interact and communicate with customers are remove inconstancies.

Connect Teams

Connect Suppliers

Optimise the performance of internal and external service providers by routing requests and incidents to right teams to deliver exceptional service experience, resolving issues fast and fulfilling requests rapidly, as well as a tracking and managing objectives and key results (OKR, SLA, OLA).

Connect Suppliers

Pricing, Licensing and Packaging Framework


  • Fair value
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to buy
  • Easy to prove & expand


  • Diplomat Base
    • Diplomat Service
  • Connector
    • Per Product to Product
    • Per SaaS to SaaS
    • Per SaaS to Product
  • Practice
    • Per Practice (ITIL Incident to ITIL Incident)
  • Your Way
    • How would you like it ?
    • Transaction Tier, Other
  • Platform
    • Built on and Powered by ServiceNow
    • Built on and Powered by Atlassian


  • Standard
    • Stand Alone Diplomat
  • Professional 
    • Built on & Powered by ServiceNow
    • Built on & Powered by Atlassian

Licensing & Pricing Models

Per Connection – Per Practice Model


“I connect with something”

  • I connect two Service Management toolsets/platforms
  • I connect my Service Management platform with SalesForce
  • Connectors require a subscription to base Diplomat


“I do things”

  • Practices are the conversational exchange of data – information from one constituent to another constituent
  • For Example: Incident practice on a ServiceNow instance to a third part suppliers Service Desk incident process
  • Practices are subscribed per Practice e.g. (ITIL Incident to ITIL Incident
  • Subscription to Diplomat Base and Connector required


“I’m unlimited”

  • Unlimited Connections & Practices


Transactions Based

Tell us how you’d like Diplomat licensed…

  • Transaction pricing models are based on level of product usage (i.e.: tickets, issues, incidents), not number of Connections or Practices.
  • For example: number of incidents and updates to incidents created in last 365 days

…making the world of integrations work better for people

Diplomat unlocks latent value in high-velocity teams by removing tool and process interlock bottlenecks thereby accelerating the flow of work and information between disparate and autonomous groups, thereby providing greater insights, faster time to value, with more connected ways to respond and deliver exceptional service experiences.

Diplomat addresses complex data, workflow and process interlock integration challenges, while also managing, measure and improving relationships as well enabling quality of service to be provided by internally and third party suppliers in an autonomous yet aligned and unified manner.

Unifying your disparate tools and those of your suppliers your way – for example routing requests and incidents to where they need to go for prompt resolution and fulfilment. Diplomat has been purposefully designed and built from the ground up to be highly secure, scalable and robust. Diplomat has also proven to improve the relationship with service provider by 70%, uplift service quality, governance and value, while achieving over 500% ROI, with vastly improved customer satisfaction scores and loyalty within the first 12-24 months.

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