Hagrid Solutions

Assess your organisation’s current IT Service Management capability/maturity.  SMA covers Process, Technology and People, providing an assessment of both the current capabilities to support existing business needs, and future business requirements. 

The scope of this assessment will include:

  • The ITIL Processes;
  • The Technology supporting Service Management processes currently deployed;
  • The Organisational culture and its capability to support an IT Service Management strategy.

The key deliverables of the assessment are:

  • Develop an IT Service Management Vision (identifies where you want to be) and Strategy (defines what needs to be in place in order to achieve the vision and when) relative to underpinning strategies and business objectives.
  • Develop an Implementation Roadmap (describes how to get there) that defines the work to be completed to achieve the IT Service Management vision.  This Roadmap is based on the business priorities and describes at a high level the process, technology and people initiatives needed, along with their sequences and interrelationships, to implement the organizations vision.
  • Define Service Improvement Initiatives: Outlines each of the tactical solutions defined in the IT Service Management roadmap. Covers items such as scope, objective, deliverables, timeframe and relationships to other initiatives.