Hagrid Solutions

Our Rapid Process Deployment approach is a best practice approach to developing an ITIL-aligned Service Management capability.  This activity is a proven approach developed by Hagrid based on many years of successfully implementing ITIL processes.  The benefit it brings to you is being able to leverage a set of core ITIL based processes and technologies that have worked successfully in other organisations and are tailored to suit your specific business requirements. This approach dramatically reduces development and build time and delivers practical processes and tools that work.

The deliverables of the Hagrid Rapid Process Deployment approach include:

1.      Process Policy, Flow Design, Procedures, and localised Standards – The High Level process policy and flows are clearly documented in a visual format.  The procedures are then documented, demonstrating the inputs and outputs and the activities that occur within each step.  Localised standards and rules are completed when the process is implemented and tool configured to support it.  These documents would form the basis for detailed work instructions.

2.      Roles and Responsibilities – Clearly defined roles & responsibilities associated with each of the ITIL processes will be defined.

3.      Reporting & Metrics – In order to manage a process effectively, metrics need to be defined to provide information to the Process Owner on the level of compliance to the process, the efficiency of the process and the effectiveness of the process.

4.      Technology configuration and implementation – Develop and configure the Service Management Product suite, including Reporting, to support the process specific needs and rules of the business.

5.      Education Services Develop and deliver localised process and tool training to User communities.